1997 Feb 16



2017 Kia Super League

All Pictures on this page are Don Miles
They are not free except to the player shown

This list has just been released (July 2017).
I have assumed the following....
(1) Coaches are as last year
(2) Shirt numbers are shown for players who have not changed teams since last year
It is assumed they'd be unchanged but that can't be taken for granted!

Shirt Numbers are shown in (..) in the lists below where known

What the Papers Say & Table of Current Standings

Lancashire Thunder  :  Web Site


  • Danielle Hazell (C)

  • Sarah Taylor

  • (16) Kate Cross

  • (17) Amy Satterthwaite (NZ)

  • Jess Jonassen

  • Lea Tahuhu (NZ)

  • (19) Sophie Ecclestone

  • (6) Emma Lamb

  • Eve Jones

  • (21) Ellie Threlkeld

  • (10) Natasha Miles

  • Natalie Brown

  • Alice Dyson

  • Rachel Dickinson

  • Ella Telford

Coach: Stephen Titchard

Danni Hazell

Kate Cross

Natasha Miles

Amy Satterthwaite

Sarah Taylor



Loughborough Lightning   :   Web Site


  • (34) Georgia Elwiss (C)

  • Amy Jones

  • Beth Langston

  • Ellyse Perry (Aus)

  • Kristen Beams (Aus)

  • Elyse Villani (Aus)

  • Paige Scholfield

  • (3) Thea Brookes

  • (10) Georgia Boyce

  • (14) Becky Grundy

  • (18) Sonia Odedra

  • Marie Kelly

  • Sarah Glenn

  • Lucy Higham

  • Abi Freeborn

     Coach: Salliann Briggs

Rebecca Grundy

Georgia Elwiss

Amy Jones

Abi Freeborn

Ellyse Perry

Paige Scholfield


Southern Vipers


  • (23) Charlotte Edwards (C)

  • (53) Tash Farrant

  • Danni Wyatt

  • (77) Arran Brindle

  • (11) Suzie Bates (NZ)

  • Hayley Matthews (WI)

  • (55) Georgia Adams

  • (99) Katie George

  • Linsey Smith

  • (45) Ellen Burt

  • Tara Norris

  • (10) Izzy Collis

  • (59) Carla Rudd

  • Mignon du Preez (SA)

  • Charlie Dean


     Coach: Nick Denning


Georgia Adams

Suzie Bates

Arran Brindle

Ellen Burt

Izzy Collis

Charlotte Edwards

Tash Farrant

Tara Norris

Danni Wyatt

Carla Rudd

Mignon du Preez


   Surrey Stars


(10) Nat Sciver (C)

(12) Tammy Beaumont

(7) Laura Marsh

(65) Alex Hartley

(23) Marizanne Kapp (SA)

(88) Rene Farrell (Aus)

(4) Bryony Smith

(16) Sophia Dunkley

(21) Grace Gibbs

(28) Aylish Cranstone

(6) Cordelia Griffith

Hannah Jones

Naomi Dattani

Kirstie White

Lizelle Lee (SA)


     Coach: Richard Bedbrook

Tammy Beaumont

Rene Farrell

Cordelia Griffith

Alex Hartley

Marizanne Kapp

Laura Marsh


Nat Sciver


Western Storm


(5) Heather Knight (C)

(41) Anya Shrubsole

Fran Wilson

Holly Huddleston (NZ)

(7) Stafanie Taylor (WI)

(13) Rachel Priest (NZ)

(64) Georgia Hennessy

(63) Sophie Luff

(61) Freya Davies

 Danielle Gibson

Claire Thomas

Lauren Parfitt

(48) Jodie Dibble

(1) Amara Carr

Alice Macleod

     Coach:  Caroline Foster

Freya Davies

Heather Knight

Anya Shrubsole

Sophie Luff

Fran Wilson

Rachel Priest

Stafanie Taylor

Alice Macleod


Yorkshire Diamonds


(58) Lauren Winfield (C)

(26) Katherine Brunt

(24) Jenny Gunn

Chamari Atapattu (SL)

Sune Luus (SA)

Sophie Devine (NZ)

(57) Hollie Armitage

(48) Alice Davidson-Richards

(12) Anna Nicholls

(23) Katie Levick

(8) Katie Thompson

(60) Steph Butler

Laura Crofts

(98) Teresa Graves

Maddie Walsh



     Coach: Richard Pyrah

Alex Blackwell

Katherine Brunt

Steph Butler

Jenny Gunn

Sune Luus

Katie Levick

Anna Nicholls

Sophie Devine

Lauren Winfield

Team Squads issued but changes have occurred (see above)




One newspaper (Plymouth Herald)  has commented that this is a women's version of the the NatWest T20 blast. This of course is not true as there is already a thriving County T20 Championship, Sussex being the 2015 winners.




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