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2017 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

Quiz Answers

By the time you've read the answers below you'll be thinking "this guy's a pedant", but I'll simply add the standard reply - "a pedant is only someone who likes to get things right". What did you figure out?

(1)  [Flags]  Don Miles

  • Pictures (1), (2) and (4) give another flag the honours over that of the country i.e. are higher on the pole. This is incorrect flag etiquette. There is also an additional error in (4) in that the UK, whose flag is shown, but actually does not have a women's cricket team - the flag should be as it is in (3), since it was England playing.

  • What compounds the mistake in (1), (2) twice, and, (4) is that the teams playing are not the New Zealand Cricket Board XI, the England Cricket Board XI - well you get the drift - they are New Zealand and England national sides etc. Had these flags been in the correct order all would have been well.

  • You could add that in (1), even if the flags had been in the correct order, the country flag should always be the same size or larger than any subordinate flag. Only (3) is error free (except possibly in the flag sizes - hard to be sure).

(2)  [Flags]  Don Miles>

(3)  [Flags]  Don Miles>

(4)  [Flags]  Don Miles

  • Image (4) manages to make matters even worse! Now I can't recall if England were having a bad day that day, but flying the Union Flag upside down is reckoned as a distress signal. What's right way up? If you need to know try this site... where you'll also find all the etiquette details.

And can you Identify these two Stalwarts of the women's game

[Sarah Potter]  Don Miles

  • (5) This is Sarah Potter, former England International (1984-1987) and a fine journalist who wrote, amongst other things, on women's cricket for The Times for some years after she ceased to play the sport.

  [Mel Jones]  Don Miles

  • (6) And someone you'll all have recognised, Australian international Mel Jones, now one of the best commentators on cricket to be found on the TV.

Here's a Simple Bonus Question - Spot the Ball as Nat Sciver Plays the Natmeg

[Nat Sciver]  Don Miles

Nat Sciver