Honours Summary
All Matches, ICC Women's Championship, 11-Oct-2017 to 06-Nov-2019
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average D van Niekerk South Africa 66.12
Highest Score S S Mandhana India 135
Best Batting Strike Rate A J Healy Australia 110.86
Best Batting Aggregate A J Healy Australia 1000
Best Bowling Average Sana Mir Pakistan 13.74
Best Bowling Economy Sana Mir Pakistan 3.56
Most Wickets Sana Mir Pakistan 35
Most Wickets in Innings J L Jonassen Australia 5-27
Most Catches A J Healy Australia 17
Hat Trick M M Klass South Africa  
Hat Trick M Schutt Australia  
Highest Innings Score Australia Australia 332
Lowest Innings Score South Africa South Africa 63

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