Most Extras in an Innings
1Inns, All Grades, England, 20-Jun-1973 to 07-Oct-2020
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Extras
1 South Africa ENG 15-Mar-2005 South Africa North West Univ No 2 Pot ODI 49
2 South Africa ENG 18-Feb-2004 South Africa Buffalo Park Mercesdez B ODI 41
3 Scotland ENG 10-Aug-2001 Scotland Bradfield Col, Reading EC 38
4 New Zealand ENG 03-Mar-2007 New Zealand IIT Chemplast, Chennai ODI 36
5 Netherlands ENG 18-Jul-1995 Netherlands Trinity College, Dublin EC 34
6 India ENG 01-Dec-2005 India KD 'Babu' Singh Stadium, ODI 34
7 South Africa ENG 29-Feb-2004 South Africa Lenasia Stadium, Jo'berg ODI 33
8 South Africa ENG 01-Mar-2004 South Africa North West Univ No 1 Pot ODI 33
9 India ENG 04-Dec-2005 India Nehru Stadium, Ghwahati ODI 33
10 Netherlands ENG 16-Dec-1988 Netherlands Carey No2 Bulleen Melb WC 33
11 Australia ENG 09-Jul-2017 Australia Glos CC, Bristol WC 32
12 Ireland ENG 16-Dec-1997 Ireland J Nehru Stadium, Pune WC 31
13 South Africa ENG 25-Jun-2000 South Africa St Lawrence Canterbury ODI 31
14 South Africa ENG 16-Aug-2003 South Africa Glos CC, Bristol ODI 31
15 New Zealand ENG 30-Jan-2003 New Zealand Lincoln No 3 Lincoln ODI 30
16 Denmark ENG 19-Jul-1995 Denmark Rathmines Dublin EC 29
17 Denmark ENG 19-Jul-1990 Denmark John Player, Notts EC 29
18 India ENG 24-Jan-2002 India Nehru Stadium, Poona ODI 29
19 Ireland ENG 26-Mar-2005 Ireland Eersterust CC, SA WC 29
20 New Zealand ENG 30-Aug-2007 New Zealand Shenley SG, Herts ODI 29
21 India ENG 07-Feb-2003 India Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc ODI 28
22 New Zealand ENG 03-Mar-2008 New Zealand Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc ODI 28
23 Netherlands ENG 30-Nov-2000 Netherlands BS Oval, Lincoln, NZ WC 27
24 South Africa ENG 02-Dec-2000 South Africa BS Oval, Lincoln, NZ WC 27
25 New Zealand ENG 30-Nov-1988 New Zealand Willetton No 1 Perth WC 27
26 New Zealand ENG 25-Feb-2008 New Zealand Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc ODI 27
27 West Indies ENG 15-Jul-2017 West Indies Glos CC, Bristol WC 26
28 India ENG 06-Apr-2018 India Vidarbha Cricket Assoc N ODI 26
29 Pakistan ENG 12-Dec-1997 Pakistan Indira Gandhi Stadium, V WC 25
30 South Africa ENG 15-Aug-1997 South Africa Glos CC, Bristol ODI 25
31 New Zealand ENG 12-Feb-2000 New Zealand Fitzherbert Park, Palmer ODI 25
32 New Zealand ENG 13-Aug-2004 New Zealand Northampton County Groun ODI 25
33 Sri Lanka ENG 07-Mar-2009 Sri Lanka Manuka Oval Canberra WC 25
34 West Indies ENG 05-Feb-2013 West Indies Bandra Curla Complex Mum WC 25
35 South Africa ENG 18-Jul-2017 South Africa Glos CC, Bristol WC 25
36 South Africa ENG 09-Jun-2018 South Africa Worcester CCC New Road W ICC WCh 25
37 Denmark ENG 20-Jul-1999 Denmark Nykobing Mors, Denmark EC 24
38 New Zealand ENG 19-Nov-2000 New Zealand Centennial Ground, Oamar ODI 24
39 South Africa ENG 06-Aug-2008 South Africa St Lawrence Canterbury ODI 24
40 India ENG 01-Dec-1995 India Moin-ul-Haq Stadium, Pa ODI 23
41 New Zealand ENG 14-Dec-2000 New Zealand BS Oval, Lincoln, NZ WC 23
42 India ENG 21-Jan-2002 India Middle Income Group Grnd ODI 23
43 New Zealand ENG 15-Aug-2004 New Zealand Derby, UK ODI 23
44 South Africa ENG 13-Mar-2005 South Africa Manzil Park, Klerksdorp ODI 23
45 India ENG 09-Dec-2005 India Eden Gardens, Calcutta ODI 23
46 New Zealand ENG 14-Dec-1988 New Zealand Carey No 1 Bulleen Melbo WC 23
47 Australia ENG 05-Jul-2009 Australia Paul Getty Grd Wormsley ODI 23
48 Sri Lanka ENG 15-Nov-2010 Sri Lanka Nondescripts CC Colombo ODI 23
49 Australia ENG 05-Jan-2011 Australia WACA, Perth ODI 23
50 South Africa ENG 05-Jul-2017 South Africa Glos CC, Bristol WC 23

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