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2017 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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WWC17 - England v India

By now you will not only know the result but have read the match reports. So why am I typing so late on? I have always made a habit of watching any televised games after I returned from the ground - probably on the following day. However, housebound currently I chose to watch the TV twice, once live and the recording on my set-top box.
So here are just some jottings that may act as a postscript to what you've already read.
  • Bounce was from time to time somewhat erratic. Most impressive was Sciver getting a 4 off a ball that should have hit towards the top of her pads but nearly took her ankles.

  • In spite of much comment on the fielding by the Indian side, I must excuse Diana Baig. She seemed to work pretty well from the start and generally the Indians got more "into it" as the innings progressed. On one occasion I felt the commentators somewhat harsh when criticising her late in the innings when a bad bounce meant her hands didn't immediately find the ball but she got behind the line and her chest prevented the boundary. I thought that's what fielders were supposed to do - "put your body on the line".

  • Nahida deserves praise for her sportsmanship in signalling the 4 when there really wasn't any definitive TV to prove one way or the other.

  • Two maiden hundreds in the match and both on the same side is probably a record of some sort.

  • Asmavia Iqbal took two wickets in two balls and I found myself wondering if she was about to take her second hat-trick against England. The earlier one was in a T20 and the Pakistani team seemed unaware of the fact. In that case it took them to a victory. Can't understand why you wouldn't know? Explanation here.

  • 377 is a WC record for England and missed ODI record by 1 run (378 also against Pakistan last year). In fact - if you consider matches against teams in the top 10 - as the ICC did for many years to consider them 1st class (or Grade A). This would then be a record. With all respect to Denmark I am not sure the 400+ Australia made against them some years ago should really stand in these records.

  • Wyatt gained her cap for 50 ODI appearances presented by the only person they could find of similar stature. Good to see one Sussex player making such a presentation to another.

  • Indian Player of the Match fairly obviously...

[Smriti Mandhana]  Don Miles

Smriti Mandhana (90) (above) and Punam Raut (86) with 144 partnership
[Final players' score]

[Punam Raut]  Don Miles

  • And catch of the match was undoubtedly the final one of the match - a fine tumbling effort on the boundary by Veda Krishnamuthy
<29th June>

2nd Highest Ever ODI Score by Chamari Atapattu**

178* is (IMO) the 2nd highest (since I can't accept a score against Denmark)
Carrying her bat in the process
Team total 257-9

22 fours, 6 sixes, 143 balls

It is undoubtedly the highest against Australia

[Sorry I don't have a pic in the locker]

She is, to date, the only Sri Lankan with a century in ODIs - this her third


A Day for Tons as Lanning and Mandhana Join in

There have been seven centuries so far in WWC17

[Meg Lanning]  Don Miles

Meg Lanning (152/135) (above) and Smriti Mandhana (106*/108 today) showing the high elbow in a Test against England

[Smriti Mandhana]  Don Miles

It seems Smriti Mandhana is as sharp off field as on
When asked by a journalist if she thought India could win the WC,
she replied "What? You don't?"

Most 100 Partnerships in ODIs

10 Clark/Keightley (67 innings), 8 Bates/Satterthwaite (40), 7 Lanning/Perry (15)
Every Lanning/Perry Partnership : 105, 204*, 103, 10, 132, 85, 39, 18, 147*, 77, 1, 224, 11, 2, 124*


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