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2018 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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Happy New Year to Everyone!

With Apologies to (W)BBL|03

Firstly my apologies for (you must think) ignoring (W)BBB|03. Personal circumstances have made it difficult to keep track of events so far. However, browsing Twitter brings some rewards (as well as a load of junk) and I came across this...

I thought I took stats reasonably seriously - see this page - but I hadn't more than a glimpse at the surface until I started following this individual on Twitter. If you use that service, then follow them @_hypocaust - and don't miss out the underscore.
I don't think this increasing predominance of batsmen over bowlers is anything in particular to do with T20 cricket. More likely it's part of the general trend in all forms of the game and very well illustrated here. Am I going to try to emulate theses stats - for the recent World Cup perhaps - well the answer is 'no'. I simply wouldn't have the patience - and probably the skill either.
Everyone seems to greet this trend as an improvement in the game, except, I would suggest, some of the bowling fraternity, and so far as it goes, I'd be inclined to agree. I wouldn't wish to see all pitches tailored to the needs just of the batsman though. They have enough help from modern bats. Nor do I like Mickey Mouse boundaries which mean no batsman ever gets a 3 without some huge fumbling mix-up, and always makes the new spectator think "women can't hit a cricket ball" which we all know is far from the truth. Fitness is said to be a great feature of the modern game at the top level. In that case running 3s shouldn't be a problem! I am part way through re-watching the India v Australia semi-final 2nd innings for about the 3rd time. I was interested to note that to this point I can't recall a 4 that wouldn't have made the men's boundary. In fact, since the boundary rope for the men had been left in place I could be certain when they managed that. Did I miss one? I'll keep watching.