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2018 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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Play Cricket for Love, Not Money

Check out this article in a New Zealand 'newsroom'. In case the article has been deleted it concerns a Kiwi player who was banned from playing for 6 months because she placed a $2 bet. Her name is Hayley Jensen.
This is something of a thorny issue. Now Jensen has served her sentence and is back playing and I have no problems with that. If the authorities feel that was the correct 'punishment' and she's served it - then case closed.
On the more general point that this raises, though, what should be the attitude of the cricketing authorities to betting. Pretty obviously it would be wrong to bet on a match you are about to play in, but what about on another match. Well, perhaps best not, for you may well have friends and acquaintances playing in that match. The whole situation gets more problematical if you fancy a bet on the a Premier League football match for instance. Now I have no idea whether I'd consider this advisable or otherwise from an ethical point of view, but I would consider it foolish, although $2 is perhaps not a great sum to throw away.

Three New Faces in England Squad**

[Bryony Smith][Alice Davidson-Richards]

Bryony Smith (Surrey Stars) at left and Alice Davidson-Richards (Kent)

[Katie George]

Katie George playing in an England warm-up Match

Then and Now

The following twitter exchange shows two very remarkable stats. The first may not be a surprise. Centuries are scored far more frequently today than in previous time (the 60s is the rough equivalent timescales compared to the present day). I have written before on the way this game is becoming a batsman's paradise and a bowler's nightmare. Hypocaust pointed out later that the wickets fall at roughly similarly intervals so bowlers are rewarded in much the same way as before, their wickets will simply cost them more. This does mean that spectators are arriving on the boundary in greater numbers than before and the sport will/is changing rapidly for this very reason as the media and cricketing authorities start to wake up to the fact there's "money in it!"
For those, very possibly most of you who will read this, will not have seen JB play. My opinions of her talent have been typed many times before and my reply above shows how I felt on JB's presence at the crease.
The second stat is very revealing. Her rate of scoring of 100s almost exactly coincides with that of Meg Lanning. It always seemed to me that JB stood head and shoulders above others at the time. Only one player came close. Lanning has had a major injury recently. If she's back with the same fervour as before, it'll be interesting to look at these numbers again in a few years time.