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2017 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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With the BBL about to start (I refuse to call it WBBL until that other tournament is known as the MBBL) then the stats wallers have been sharpening their pencils - or more like clicking their keyboards to give us some background before the party kicks off. I found the exchange below quite interesting.
At first you might expect that the number of 50+ scores any one nation's players had contributed previously could perhaps be in proportion to the number of representatives they had in the tournament. However that can't be right, obviously, for Australia. All the other nations represented have provided the cream of their batting crop whereas Australia have to play a large number of non-internationals, in the same manner that England must do in the KSL.
So is the fact the home team have provided over 60% of the total mean they have a higher number than you might expect? I've no idea frankly but I find the numbers intriguing. Also have the Sri Lankans punched above their weight? You judge...

You can check the squads here although at least one late change has been announced.

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