2011 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
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This diary will be updated periodically throughout the year.

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And just to emphasise the point ...


Well the Super 4s have come and gone, and once again I am not sure what they have told us. Now don't get me wrong! I put up with a three and a half hour journey each way to watch this standard of cricket and was disappointed when the tournament disappeared for a couple of years. However when the England stars make 150 or take 5 for very few I am not sure what it says about the rest. If the England selectors are looking for the next generation then while it's true the new kids must stand up against the regulars they are simply not even going to get a bat in the hand (or the ball perhaps) if the England players dominate too much.
If however this is simply a 'warm up' for the England squad then fine. It certainly gave them a chance to show what they can do - well those few who were fit anyway for there was little doubt among the people I spoke to that the 'crocks' could have outplayed any of the four teams. I suppose I exaggerate but the number of familiar faces missing was a worry for England supporters.
There were some hurdles to overcome however. On one of the two pitches at Loughborough the scoreboard was rarely if ever up to date. Even the number of wickets that had gone down was not recorded accurately. Now I don't blame the scorer(s). Only three had been appointed for two matches and when two were used on the main pitch that left only one initially for the secondary game. The inexperience of a second scorer or at least their unfamiliarity with the players, meant it was a full time job to keep the paperwork up to date and the board - well - went by the board. That's simply not fair to those doing the job and one aspect of the tournament that needs improving.
I also found myself confused about which side was which. Check the pictures below ..

[Jenny Halstead  Don Miles]

Jenny Halstead (Laura Tonks is the keeper)

{Charlie Russell  Don Miles]

Charlie Russell
Can you decide who are Diamond, Rubies, or Sapphires? OK Emeralds is easy but ... all right Sapphires must be all blue and then ...
If the S4s produced two performances that did make me sit up and take notice they were Natalie Scivers half century and Amy Jones wicket keeping. Both must be players to watch.

[Natalie Sciver  Don Miles]

Natalie Sciver

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