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2020 Diary
A Ramble on Women's Cricket

 - with diversions -
This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.
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A Most Humble Apology!

When this season a few months ago looked as if it was going to be a complete wash-out, I made the very stupid mistake of deciding to upgrade my PC and some other kit. What makes that decision worse was that I knew setting up a new machine is never simple and I also should have known that Microsoft, in their wisdom, would make it even more difficult that installing and setting up previous operating systems. I yearn for the old days of XP which I still feel is the simplest (and therefore the best) that they produced. Luckily I had an old XP machine standing by and hence have been able to keep up with the news.
And then along came a plethora of matches as clubs tried to catch up on all they'd missed. That meant that I was full time downloading images, doing some labelling and charging batteries, very likely for the very next day. I am not sure I recall doing three matches in three days before, although I'm not complaining about this - far from it. It was good to try and make up for all that I had missed during 'lockdown'.
All this, of course, meant that the web site became neglected as I struggled (and am still struggling) with Win 10 (asking where the heck have that put that feature this time?) and shot down the list as I was confident (silly me) that it wouldn't take long.
Well I return here to where I should perhaps have been all along, using an old laptop as the new shiny machine sulks because I'm not using it. Hence my apology above and sorry for the delay for those who do visit regularly.
By contrast, I'd like to add my thanks to Hursley Park CC who I have visited only very occasionally before but in 2020 have been most hospitable. It's been a pleasure to trip there most weekends in the past month or so, and I promise to get some shots of you on this site very soon. (check out their match v Ropley CC and  Aldershot CC, with one against Alton to appear shortly. I have so many images still to check through.