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1997 Feb 16


Martin and Mandy Davies
    During 2017 I became seriously ill. While recovering and unable to drive, Martin and Mandy went out of their way on many occasions to ensure I was able to make, and photograph, one match from the World Cup and a number of county and KSL matches around the country. They continued their help in 2018 both in England and overseas. I shall for ever be grateful for their help!
Beth Wild
    Imogen Gaunt's (see below) current (2015) successor who was most helpful in my 2015 trip to New Zealand and at all other times. She works tirelessly for the ECB, as I have seen with my own eyes during that tour down under. Much of what I have written about "Immy" applies equally to Beth and the ECB are to be congratulated on choosing someone not just suited to the task, but who keeps a cheerful aspect (almost) all of the time.
Jenny Roesler
    A journalist who gave me the opportunity to see just how difficult the job can be if you're conscientious about it. Preparing numerous reports and doing interviews with players, school children and coaches it was a whirlwind existence during the World Cup T20 rounds at Taunton in 2009. I have always found her reporting fair, whether she is heaping praise or gently criticising and her writings are my reading of choice for any match report. She has kindly written articles for this site as well as CricInfo and elsewhere. It was a pleasure to be her driver and get a glimpse into another world.
Imogen Gaunt
    A Media Officer at the ECB, Imogen has worked tirelessly through the 2005 & 2006 seasons, summer and winter, to ensure all media outlets, this humble site included, have full and up to date information on the England situation. I must thank her especially for access to grounds and facilities that have enabled me to photograph from the best vantage points available. She has been a continuous source of help and encouragement, and this site would not have even the poor coverage I have managed to upload without her assistance.
Clare Connor
    Head of Women's Cricket at the England & Wales Cricket Board, Clare has worked tirelessly for the sport in a period of considerable change in both international and domestic competitions. She has also taken on roles with the ICC and with other non-cricket committees.  She has always been supportive of this site and my efforts to make it as comprehensive as I am able. They say if you want anything done "give the job to a busy woman." Clare is an excellent example of how true that saying can be.
Maria Grant
    for her considerable time and effort in keeping me abreast of the 2000 CricInfo World Cup on an almost daily basis during November/December 2000, and match reports and pictures of that competition and for the mass of data she carried half way round the world for me! Also for sharing her in-depth knowledge of the women's game in this country, on many occasions.
Adrienne Simpson
    for information on the scene in New Zealand, background on many of the players and for match reports. She is currently writing a book on the history women's cricket in New Zealand and one on her local opera company! [I had not been in touch with Adrienne for a while and was sad to learn that she had died in December 2010. She had sent me recordings of games played in New Zealand and we regularly emailed about opera and cricket.]
Mark Sinclair
    the writer of the software Cricket Statz & Cricket Statz Pro. The ability to generate web pages swiftly at the end of a series or year is a tremendous boon! Players performances, at least in respect of their stats, can be quickly evaluated and compared and producing them is simplicity itself. I have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone wanting to keep track of a team or number of teams.
Marion Collin
    of the ICC for providing all the official statistics and many of the scorecards used on this site. If there are any errors then I am sure they have been introduced by me! Her book "99 not out" which provides a summary of the first 99 Women's Test Matches has been, and remains, an invaluable source of reference. The software she uses to accomplish the enormous task of keeping track of women's international cricket worldwide has been written by Gordon Vince. Mark Sinclair's Cricket Statz has also be pressed into service.
Carol Salmon
    for permission to use many of her excellent photographs from the New Zealand series of 1996 in the original incarnation of this site. I have frequently carried a camera myself since, and know just how difficult that elusive shot is ...  Carol wrote frequently and for many years in cricket magazines and newspapers, including Wisden and The Cricketer, and her knowledge of the game is second to none. I canvas her opinion on all matters to do with the sport whenever we meet.
Barbara Daniels
    for help and information on absolutely anything to do with women's cricket, and in particular for managing to so clearly explain the form of the merger between the WCA and ECB (no mean feat!). Also for being such a pleasure to watch both batting and especially fielding in the covers! She has also become a fine commentator for SkyTV and wrote for some time on women's cricket on the BBC web site. In 2002 she wrote some match reports for this site. It was a great pleasure to meet her again recently (2012).
Roz Tritton
    Web master of the official WCA www site with whom I co-operated from the inception of my pages. Roz must have started the first ever site on women's cricket when the value of the 'Net' was not as widely appreciated as it has become in more recent times. Although Roz no longer writes on the web this site would not have got up and running so readily without her help and advice.
Erica Sainsbury
    the official scorer for the Australian Women's Team, for help with scorecards during the summer of 1998 and other information, and for her most generous gift. [I was sad to hear she had died in 2021. A shirt in my wardrobe (the present I referred to above) will always remind me of our co-operation in the early days of the 'Net].
Bronwyn Calver
    Australian all-rounder and more recently (1999) official statistician for WCAustralia, for help with scorecards and background both on the Australian team and on cricket in general. Her insights on the differences between wickets in England and Australia, and on women's cricket in her home country, have proved especially useful. Also for keeping me up to date with fixtures in the southern hemisphere. Bronwyn has also provided a number of anecdotes, not all of which have found their way on to this site!
Francis Payne
    for his help on the New Zealand scene, especially with background on the World Cup in 2000, and information from NZ's cricket archives.
Shaiza & Sharmeen Khan
    Previous Captain and Vice Captain of Pakistan for their insights into the problems women's cricket faces in that country, and for information on their 1998 tour to Sri Lanka. And for being kind enough to consider my words are worth publishing in their magazine "Women's Cricket International". [Sharmeen Khan died in 2018 - with her sister Shaiza they were true Pioneers in Pakistan women's cricket]
Those on the boundary ...
    I have, almost without exception, been made to feel welcome at every women's cricket match I have gone to watch. I have found friendship, companionship and information readily available and there are a number of faces I look forward to meeting at the start of every season, including those within the England management, the players and their relatives.
Many others ...
    who have contributed all kinds of help and hints. At the time of writing (2013 July) there are more than 100,000 files on this site contained in almost 1Gb. The majority of information in these has come from sources around the globe. I have contributed relatively little!
... and, most important of all, ....

including, in particular, the

... who I have enjoyed watching for a number of years now
and hope to for many years into the future.