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2020 Diary
A Ramble on Women's Cricket

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This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.
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Sana Mir Retires

Few women have scored 2,000+ runs & taken 200+ wickets in international cricket. Here, thanks to 'Hypocaust' is the complete list.

Lisa Sthalekar (AUS)
Jenny Gunn (ENG)
Shashikala Siriwardene (SL)
Sana Mir (PAK)
Stafanie Taylor (WI)
Ellyse Perry (AUS)

She is the 5th highest wicket-taker in women's international cricket, and presided over the period when Pakistan became competitive with international teams from the top level of the sport, and, not unnaturally, Pakistan's most capped player.

Sana during a tour to England in 2013


Pakistan will miss her experience and her courage. She has set an example of what can be achieved to those that will follow her.


Another Remarkable Stat


Thanks again to 'Hypocaust's' remarkable handle on the numbers of the sport, here's another which may, but possibly shouldn't, take you by surprise.



Laura Wolvaardt has just reached her 21st birthday at the time of writing. If you were watching the semi-final of the recent T20 World Cup, you'll remember (how could you forget?) that remarkable off drive, when she took paces outside her leg stump in order to cream it through the covers. I think it is possibly the most inventive way of using a classic cricket shot that I have ever seen. The ball would have been a leg-side wide, possibly as wide as another set of stumps, if she had just remained anchored to her stance. The drive was played in as classical a way as you could ever wish to see.  The shot below is not from that match unfortunately but can give you a slight flavour of her driving skill.



The shot during that semi-final produced one reaction on Twitter saying "Can you marry a cricket shot?". I understand, as the Americans would say, exactly where that was coming from.


But back to Hypocaust's stat. He researched the number of 50s scored by players as they reached that age. Turns out Laura has made 18 and is top of the list, one innings more than a certain Sachin Tendulkar. Now there's a stat anyone could be really proud of!


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