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  New Zealand Players


Jacob Oram Joins Coaching Staff


Suzie Bates (capt),


Suzie Bates

Sophie Devine (Wellington Blaze), Lauren Down (Auckland Hearts)

Kate Ebrahim (Canterbury Magicians), Maddy Green (Auckland Hearts)

Holly Huddleston (Auckland Hearts), Leigh Kasperek (Otago Sparks)

Amelia Kerr (Wellington Blaze), Katey Martin (Otago Sparks)

Anna Peterson (Auckland Hearts), Hannah Rowe (Central Hinds)

Amy Satterthwaite (VC) (Canterbury Magicians), Lea Tahuhu (Canterbury Magicians)


Suzie Bates (c) (Otago Sparks), Sophie Devine (Wellington Blaze)

Natalie Dodd (Northern Spirit), Maddy Green (Auckland Hearts)

Kate Heffernan (Otago Sparks), Hayley Jensen (Melbourne Renegades)

Leigh Kasperek (Otago Sparks), Amelia Kerr (Wellington Blaze)

Katey Martin (Otago Sparks), Anna Peterson (Auckland Hearts)

Hannah Rowe (Central Hinds), Amy Satterthwaite (VC) (Canterbury Magicians)

Lea Tahuhu (Canterbury Magicians)

T20 Records

New Zealand XI

Bella Armstrong (18, Auckland Hearts), Bernadine Bezuidenhout (24, Northern Spirit)
Sarah Carnachan (26, Auckland Hearts)
, Felicity Leydon-Davis (23, Northern Spirit)
Anlo van Deventer (24, Central Hinds)
, Maddy Green (c) (25, Auckland Hearts)
Kate Heffernan (18, Otago Sparks)
, Arlene Kelly (24, Auckland Hearts)
Jess Kerr (20, Wellington Blaze)
, Rosemary Mair (19, Central Hinds)
Thamsyn Newton (22, Canterbury Magicians)
, Jess Watkin (19, Central Hinds)

Haidee Tiffen Appointed Coach & Selector for White Ferns

Haidee Tiffen and her ideas on Coaching

Tour by England, 2015

White Ferns Squad for Tour by England 2015

Suzie Bates (c) - Otago Sparks

Erin Birmingham - Canterbury Magicians
Kate Broadmore - Central Hinds
Sophie Devine - Wellington Blaze
Georgia Guy - Auckland Hearts
Holly Huddleston - Auckland Hearts
Sara McGlashan - Auckland Hearts
Morna Nielsen - Otago Sparks
Katie Perkins - Auckland Hearts
Anna Peterson - Auckland Hearts
Rachel Priest - Wellington Blaze
Hannah Rowe - Central Hinds
Amy Satterthwaite - Canterbury Magicians
Lea Tahuhu - Canterbury Magicians

NZ Name New Manager  :   White Ferns Profiles

NZ Emerging Players named

Contracted Players

Suzie Bates (Otago Volts), Samantha Curtis (Auckland Hearts), Sophie Devine (Wellington Blaze)
Holly Huddleston (Auckland Hearts)
, Hayley Jensen (Canterbury Magicians)
Felicity Leydon-Davis (Northern Spirit)
, Sara McGlashan (Auckland Hearts)
Morna Nielsen (Northern Spirit)
, Katie Perkins (Auckland Hearts)
Rachel Priest (Wellington Blaze)

NZ$25,000 ≈ 12,500

NZ Players obtain Contracts  :  Players named & values indicated

In Australia the maximum player retainer is $52,000 (28,750) and the minimum, $25,000 (13,750)
Their top female cricketers can earn $70,000
38,750) to $80,000 ( 44,250) a year.
These figures are prior to the latest pay-deal agreed by CA and the players


Nicola Browne

Lucy Doolan

Sara McGlashan


Liz Perry Sian Ruck Amy Satterthwaite

Haidee Tiffen
Retired as Captain following the World Cup, 2009

Aimee Watkins
Retired as Captain in 2011


Sarah Burke Emily Drumm Maria Fahey


Beth McNeil

Paula Flannery

Fiona Fraser


Maia Lewis Louise Milliken Kate Pulford


Rachel Pullar Kathryn Ramel Rebecca Rolls


Helen Watson

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