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2008 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated periodically throughout the year.

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And as winter reaches this part of the UK - at least cars with frosted windscreens greet you in the mornings - a cold wind is blowing elsewhere it seems. The BBC is carrying a story about the sacking of five Sri Lankan players by a sportswear company. The players are Shashikala Siriwardene (captain), Chamari Polgampola, Shiromala Weerakkody, Chamika Bandara and Dilani Manodara : BBC report.
[Shashikala Siriwardene (captain)] [Shiromala Weerakkody]

Shashikala Siriwardene (captain)

Shiromala Weerakkody

I know women around the world have trouble mixing sport with a job but I would have expected large companies to be proud of the fact that one of theirs had been selected to play for their country. Running a very small company myself I know it would give me a considerable headache but the larger the group the easier it is to accommodate people. And this company's produce includes sports wear!!!
I find the whole thing both inexplicable and depressing. What an advert to be able to say, as a sports company, "We have five - yes five - internationals on our staff here - that's how seriously we take sport!"
I have nothing but admiration for these five who have chosen the sport rather than continue their employment there.
And a 'by the way' on photography ... and not necessarily cricket.  I quote ...
BBC Terms and conditions

If you submit an image, you do so in accordance with the BBC's Terms and Conditions.

In contributing to BBC News you agree to grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to publish and otherwise use the material in any way that we want, and in any media worldwide. This may include the transmission of the material by our overseas partners; these are all reputable foreign news broadcasters who are prohibited from altering the material in any way or making it available to other UK broadcasters or to the print media. (See the Terms and Conditions for the full terms of our rights.)

It's important to note, however, that you still own the copyright to everything you contribute to BBC
News and that if your image and/or video is accepted, we will endeavour to publish your name
alongside it on the BBC News website. Please note that due to operational reasons this
accreditation will probably not be possible with video. The BBC cannot guarantee that all pictures
and/or video will be used and we reserve the right to edit your comments.

At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.
Bold text emboldened by me - and the last paragraph makes perfect sense. I have included the full statement I found so that I could not be accused of selective editing - something I see frequently elsewhere.
Note that if you send your pictures in you are giving away your work. Now if you are perfectly happy with that - fine - but if you should manage to get the photo of the century - one that might embarrass a famous face - or of a tragedy when you are the only, or the earliest, witness - then remember you may be handing over a large sum of money to someone else - or at least depriving yourself of it by putting your picture in the public domain. It's true the BBC state that the copyright of the picture remains with you but the front page of "The Mail" or of "The Sun" are going to be far less interested if everyone has already seen it on the 10 o'clock news! The right shot has been know to pay off mortgages - and more - if you're lucky enough to get it don't give it away!!! And notice the "in any way we want" - might the picture finish up embarrassing you?
It occurred to me that I am not sure how the BBC might react if I sent them a note saying that by beaming pictures into my home (by one means or another) they are granting me a royalty free licence to use those pictures ... you get the idea.
As I type, a prime building is shown on the news in flames and a viewer has sent in pictures. The fire was quickly under control and so his may be the only dramatic ones of the scene. I wonder if he realises how much money he may have given away.
I am regularly asked for pictures from commercial organizations (not the BBC I should add) which they expect to be supplied free. I have been known to suggest to a magazine writer that if she wrote the article for nothing, I'd supply the pictures for nothing but I am not sure the point got through. In fact I am sure it didn't. To suggest they expect them free of charge (my charges are nominal in the extreme) they are essentially saying they are worthless and I take, not unnaturally I think, offense at that. If they feel they are worthless, why are they asking me for them?
And piracy is all too common. Pictures of mine are dotted around the world wide web, some on very well known cricket sites, used without a 'bye your leave' and even, in one case, claimed by a South African photographer. The fact the shot is also distorted in its aspect ratio making the poor girl look terrible does mean I'm glad my name's not underneath it, but it rankles none the less.
A well-known transport company used the pictures of a local photographer having initially declined them. A few years later he spotted one on a banner draped across the company's building. It's rumoured the cheque they were obliged to write came close to a five figure sum.
Gripe over!
Oh, and a reminder that if you are a charitable organisation, a player of the sport, or a club or using the image to promote the sport, then I am always happy to send full resolution pictures by email free of any charge!

Honours Summary

One-Day Internationals 2008

Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average C M Edwards England 61.75
Highest Score C M G Atkins England 145
Best Batting Aggregate A J Blackwell Australia 644
Best Bowling Average A P C Kilowan South Africa 11.80
Most Wickets H L Colvin England 23
Most Wickets in Innings B H McNeill New Zealand 6-32
Most Catches S-J Taylor England 12
Highest Innings Score England England 310
Lowest Innings Score Netherlands Netherlands 22

And so to 2009... and two World Cups ...