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What will the Media be Checking during the world cup 2017?

Here's the Media Pack - an 87 page pdf !

Courtesy ICC Statistician Marion Collin



World Cup Initial Schedule : Who plays where released on March 8th


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    How about watching all England games and seeing every other team at least twice

    From a Correspondent

    You may also be interested that there is just one combination that allows one to watch all of England’s matches whilst watching all the other teams at least twice (this might sound incredible but, when you think about, the remarkable thing is even one combination exists given, if you watch all 7 England matches there are only 4 combinations that allow you to do that):-

    24/06/2017 E v I

    25/06/2017 P v SA

    26/06/2017 A v WI

    27/06/2017 E v P

    28/06/2017 SA v NZ

    29/06/2017 SL v A

    02/07/2017 E v SL

    05/07/2017 E v SA

    06/07/2017 NZ v WI

    08/07/2017 SA v I

    09/07/2017 E v A

    11/07/2017 WI v P

    12/07/2017 E v NZ

    15/07/2017 E v WI

    You would see Aus x 3, Eng x 7, I x 2, NZ x 3, Pak x 3, Sa x 4, SL x 2, WI x 4

    In terms of locations : D – L – T – L – D – B – T – B – T – L – B – L – D – B

    which means EM – SW – EM – SW – EM – SW – EM – SW in terms of regions.


    Sky Sports Live schedule (seems to only have cameras at Derby and Bristol and seem to only cover weekends and Wednesdays)

    · Saturday June 24 England v India, (Derby)

    [Tuesday June 27 England v Pakistan (Leicester) NOT on Sky]0

    · Wednesday June 28 South Africa v New Zealand (Derby)

    · Sunday July 2 India v Pakistan (Derby)

    [Sunday July 2 England v Sri Lanka (Taunton) NOT on Sky]

    · Wednesday July 5 Sri Lanka v India (Derby)

    [Wednesday July 5 England v South Africa (Bristol) NOT on Sky]

    · Sunday July 9 England v Australia (Bristol)

    Wednesday July 12 Australia v India (Bristol)

    [Wednesday July 12 England v New Zealand (Derby) NOT on Sky]

    · Saturday July 15 England v West Indies (Bristol)

    · July 18 - Semi-final one (Bristol)

    · July 20 - Semi Final 2 (Derby)

    · July 23 - Final (Lord's)